Affair Recovery

Affair Recovery

Emotional and physical affairs are devastating to a marriage but hope can be restored, trust can be rebuilt, anger can be removed, and marriages can recover well beyond the pre-affair stage. Commitment and dedication to the marriage counseling process is necessary. Spouses should be aware of the difficult road before them regardless of whether they pursue their marriage or a divorce after an affair. Neither road brings instant healing. Pathways Psychological Services Christian marriage counselors join couples in the healing process by helping them navigate a path of recovery through an open and honest exploration of how they got to this point and where they would like to move to in the future.

One or more of these signs may be present

Excessive anxiety, anger, or other emotions

Upset for a very long time

Missed work or impaired function at a job

Inability to trust or reconcile with spouse

Difficulty coping with decision making

What should I do?

Recovering from an affair may vary based on the circumstances. If the person has difficulty coping and any of the warning signs, it is recommended they seek help from Pathways.
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